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Bunions can make everyday activities painful. North Dallas Podiatrist offers state-of-the-art bunion treatments to patients throughout the Dallas, Texas, area. An experienced foot doctor can help you achieve lasting relief, and bunion surgery isn’t your only option. We provide a range of non-surgical treatments, including custom orthotics. For top-quality podiatric care, Call North Dallas Podiatrist and her team to schedule an appointment, or book online today.

The human foot is a complex structure with 26 small bones. These bones meet at 33 separate joints, allowing your toes to flex and move with ease. But sometimes, a painful bump can develop around the base of your big toes. This bump is known as a bunion.

Bunions can cause foot pain and swelling. Over time, they often worsen, changing the angle of your big toe. A large bunion forces your big toe to crowd smaller toes. In severe cases, bunions can change the alignment of joints within your feet.

Expert podiatric care prevents bunions from worsening. Treatment can also relieve foot pain and make everyday activities more comfortable. At the office of North Dallas Podiatrist, you receive the care you need to resolve your bunions.

What causes bunions?

Anyone can develop bunions, but they’re most common in women who wear tight shoes. Narrow shoes, high heels, and pointed-toe shoes push your big toe inward. Any shoes that alter the alignment of your big toe increase your risk of bunions.

Foot deformities or medical concerns can also cause bunions. If you have a joint condition like arthritis, you’re at particularly high risk for bunions.

During your appointment, North Dallas Podiatrist examines your toes and identifies problems with the joints in your feet. She may order imaging like X-rays for a more detailed view. North Dallas Podiatrist also reviews your medical history and lifestyle choices to discover what’s causing your bunions.

How are bunions treated?

Bunion treatments can vary. North Dallas Podiatrist first assesses the severity of your bunions and whether they are causing pain or interfering with your daily life.

If you have severe, painful bunions, you may need surgery. But surgery is a last resort. Before recommending surgery, North Dallas Podiatrist tries to resolve your bunions with conservative treatments. Many patients find relief through lifestyle changes.

Comfortable, well-fitted shoes relieve bunion pain. Custom orthotics can help, too. Orthotics are devices placed inside your shoes. They correct many common podiatric problems and adjust the alignment of your foot. North Dallas Podiatrist offers custom-made orthotics that address your unique needs.

Medications like cortisone can also reduce bunion pain. Cortisone injections shrink joint swelling and make it easier to move around. North Dallas Podiatrist can help you determine whether medication is right for you.

Can bunions be prevented?

Wearing properly fitted shoes is the best way to prevent bunions. Avoid tight or narrow shoes that crowd your toes that increase your risk of bunions.

Some bunions also have a link to abnormal foot alignment or gait. North Dallas Podiatrist can perform an in-depth exam to identify foot problems. Early interventions can help prevent bunions from developing or worsening.

Do you need help managing your bunion pain? CallĀ  today or schedule an appointment online.


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