Orthotics are devices that fit into your shoes and help your feet to function without pain. They can be useful for heel pain, arch pain, and foot fatigue, pain under the ball of your foot, or bunion pain. They are helpful in controlling pronation and supination.

There are many types of orthotics, and many ways to fit orthotics. A foam box can be used, but is definitely not the best way to make orthotics. The best ways are casting your feet with plaster or using a 3-dimensional gait analyzer. At TREAT YOUR FEET, we use a 3-D analyzer with a plate that you walk back and forth on 3 times. The analyzer then takes an average of these steps and displays an image. The podiatrist then places an order for a pair of orthotics made for your needs and precise specifications.

Beware: There are many companies pretending to make custom orthotics. Many will have you step into a foam box, take the box into the back, pull an orthotic out of a box and tell you it is a custom appliance. It is not custom. You should not pay more than $100 for these prefabricated devices. True custom orthotics cannot be produced in less than a few days.

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