What kinds of shoes help with plantar fasciitis?

There are no shoes which alone will cure heel and arch pain. An orthotic or arch support, which can be transferred from one shoe to another, is the best answer. This is why Dr. Wasserman meets with patients individually in her office to decide which orthotic solution is best.

What causes callouses?

Callouses, corns, and areas of thickened skin are the skin’s attempt to provide relief from excess pressure.

Do I need to make an appointment?

Yes! Dr. Wasserman sees patients in the office by appointment only. Call to schedule your appointment today!

I have chronic heel pain, what can I do?

There is no one right solution to heel pain. Orthotics, are the first step. Steroid injections into the painful area of the heel can also help. Our most reliable solutions have involved a combination of orthoses and sonic wave therapy. This therapy is non-invasive and has an 80% success rate. It is performed over three sessions spaced one week apart. We have had tremendous success for those with long-term heel pain who have tried every other option. It is important to consider this before undergoing surgery. This procedure is done by appointment only.


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