I suffered from a severe case of plantar fasciitis, which had gotten progressively worse over a 6-week period. It was very painful to walk and getting started in the morning was extremely agonizing. After trying many products, I went to Dr. Wasserman at Treat Your Feet and sought help. I was provided some orthotics for my tennis shoes, which helped, and agreed to the Sonic Wave Therapy. After one session, I felt immediate relief and went from a pain of 8 to 5. In between sessions I applied ice to the foot and after treatment 2 I was at a level 3 for pain but almost walking normally and the mornings were very bearable. After treatment 3, I am back to normal….no pain or walking abnormally to avoid the pain. The therapy worked and along with the custom orthotics provided by Dr. Wasserman, I am on the road to having pain free heels and feet.

Kim Cocklin
President & CEO
Atmos Energy Corporation

I have been having sore feet for several years now. In 2006, I found Treat Your Feet on Lovers Lane and was fitted for orthotic inserts. They worked fairly well but I’m not on my feet a lot and stopped using them. In May 2010, I spent a weekend building a bridge across a creek on my property. A friend and I had to carry heavy lumber through rough terrain about fifty yards to get to the site several times. By the last day of the project, my feet were in bad pain. That night after taking my boots off, I could not walk on my right foot. It got gradually better. I found the old orthotics and started using them again and that helped. I went back to Treat Your Feet a few weeks later and was fitted for new orthotics and that helped. That October I went to my family doctor and he had my right foot x-rayed. He said I had a bone spur and should lose weight and take anti-inflammatory. I did that and I could get around but I was not really getting well. In the summer of 2011, I went back to Dr. Wasserman at Treat Your Feet and asked if there was anything else I could do. I was even thinking of getting an operation. Dr. Wasserman told me about the EPAT system she had recently got. She had used it on twelve people at that time and was having good success. A few weeks later, I decided to give it a try. The process only takes about ten minutes at most. It is a little painful but not as painful as walking around without the orthotics for a day. After the first treatment, I could tell a difference that week. My right foot was about as good as the left one. I ended up getting four treatments in all. The last one was a week and a half ago and my foot is 100% better. Dr. Wasserman told me I will still have to use orthotics and stop carrying bridge timbers or I could re-injure it. Today I spent most of the day in sport shoes without the orthotics and I’m not limping like I used to. I can’t go jogging but I peddled a bicycle twelve miles and worked around the yard all day with no pain. I can recommend the EPAT treatments.

Dan E. Lowry

For thirty years, I have had extensive and continued problems with my feet and lower back. To walk any distance was difficult and I would have to stop to rest frequently before continuing. Often, I would have to shorten my excursions and outings. I just returned from a seven-week extensive trip and wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your help in treating my feet. Not once in the seven weeks did I have foot pain and I did not need to wear my back brace. Your ECWT treatments prior to the trip really helped and the orthotics for my shoes enabled me to walk for many miles and for many hours! I never expected that the addition of orthotics to my shoes would eliminate my lower back pain. Needless to say, I am elated by the results! Again, thanks so much for making this trip so much easier and pleasurable for me.

 Clayton Bockbrader


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