Orthopedic Shoes for Dallas TX Diabetics Are a Must

Foot care is an issue diabetes patients should be educated on immediately upon diagnosis. It’s true that there is plenty for a diabetic patient to learn and be aware of, and the lifestyle changes can be overwhelming. As Diabetes Self-Management points out, though, many times the smallest nerves and blood vessels in the feet are already damaged by the time a patient begins treatment. That makes it crucial to find the best orthopedic shoes for Dallas TX diabetics to avoid further and more far-reaching damage from that point on. Often, peripheral neuropathy strikes early and the patient doesn’t connect the numbness and loss of sensation in the feet to diabetes. Not wearing the proper shoes will exacerbate the condition and, in extreme cases, can result in amputation.

WebMD says that diabetics shouldn’t wear high heels, but that shoes that are entirely flat aren’t recommended, either. Other shoe styles to stay away from include “flip-flops” and ones with pointed toes. The best orthopedic shoes for Dallas TX diabetes patients are ones that breathe, made from canvas, leather or suede. They have soft but supportive insoles that distribute foot pressure evenly and have roomy, box-shaped toes. A quality orthopedic shoe will support your foot in all the necessary places including your heels, arches and ankles, too. Some slip-on styles are acceptable, but only if they’ve been designed as orthopedic. Otherwise, buckle, lace-up or Velcro closures are advisable as they are adjustable.

More and more shoe stores are carrying orthopedic shoes in Dallas TX, but Diabetic Connect recommends buying custom shoes or at least getting your orthopedic shoes professionally fitted. This will ensure that you won’t have to deal with typical issues such as rubbing, hot spots or uneven weight distribution. A proper fitting shoe will actually encourage vital blood circulation rather than inhibit it, increasing the health and vitality of your feet.

When you come to Treat Your Feet for professionally fitted diabetic shoes, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the variety of styles available. Treat Your Feet specializes in orthopedic shoes and orthotics to enhance your health from the feet up. Many of the brands they carry have been approved for Medicare beneficiaries, and they also stock orthopedic athletic shoes for walking and running. Even if diabetes isn’t a problem you’re dealing with, you’ll still benefit from orthopedic shoes, especially if you have corns, hammertoes or bunions. A good shoe will fit right and won’t cause pain or aggravate an existing problem.

Why Wear Special Shoes for Diabetes?


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