Finding the Type of Shoe Lifts in Dallas TX Right for You

From leg length discrepancy to customizing sports –specific athletic shoes, there are several reasons why one would need shoe lifts in Dallas TX. Medical conditions often call for different models of inserts, also called heel lifts, each designed for long-term or short-term use to relieve pain, inflammation or connective tissue problems. Shoe lifts are useful for lower back pain, posture and balance problems, Achilles tendon injuries, rehabilitation and prosthetic adjustment and more. For example, shoe lifts can prevent degenerative spinal conditions as a result of leg length discrepancy and is a safe way to restore muscle function after an accident. These inserts can even improve the body’s oxygen absorption.

Whatever the reason for needing shoe lifts, you should try to use it in all your shoes at all times to receive the maximum amount of support and therapy. When purchasing heel lifts in Dallas, TX, ask about customizability to avoid having to use a variety of products in all your shoes. The shoe lift shouldn’t slip and should remain in place under the heel. The longer the lift the better – your foot should not slip forward in the shoe while walking or cause an up-and-down rubbing motion. Adjustable lifts allow for small changes over time to determine what works best for your condition over time.

Shoe lifts are available in cork, plastic and foam rubber. Cork lifts are affordable and easy to fit any shoe, but may not last as long as other types. Molded plastic models are the most durable, and are often used for leg-length compensation. Many people enjoy the softness of a foam rubber shoe lift, but these should not be used to provide more than 9mm of height or in only one shoe. Otherwise, they can cause instability when walking and uncomfortable vertical heel motion. Our experts at Treat Your Feet in Dallas, TX can help you choose the shoe lift right for you.

Our trained professionals will help you choose the shoe lifts in Dallas TX that are right for you. If you’re still having problems with pain or gait, Treat Your Feet offers a 3-D gait analyzer to customize an orthotic perfect for your foot and diagnosis. No matter what support mechanism is right for you, it will be tailored individually to best fit your needs and make you comfortable again. We are ready to help.

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