Custom Heel or Shoe Lifts in Dallas TX Correct Foot and Leg Problems

Heel lifts and shoe lifts in Dallas TX are prescribed by podiatrists for a number of foot health issues. The health problems may be temporary or chronic, and include lower back pain, correcting a runner’s gait, Achilles’ tendon pain or physical rehabilitation. The heel lift and shoe lift are the same thing. They’re used in one or both shoes. A heel lift is different than a heel cushion. A shoe lift or heel lift is used to treat biomechanical problems with the foot or gait.

Chiropractors and physical therapists agree that shoe lifts can treat leg length differences that cause lower back pain and musculoskeletal issues with balance. Other health professionals claim leg length differences won’t hurt the lower back. Anyone considering shoe lifts in Dallas TX or heel lifts should check with their doctor before buying inserts, as all cases are different.

An in-shoe lift needs to have a slope extending from the back to the front edge. It shouldn’t be tapered just at the front and flat at the back. If there’s a change in the tapering, the user will feel an uncomfortable hump which may damage the foot. The hump could also push the lift forward when the patient walks, which may cause it to slip out of place. If the benefit of lifts is to be realized, it must remain under the heel. If they are made of compressible material it should be under the insole or footbed. Your orthotics technician can insert heel lifts this way for a safe, comfortable fit.

Firm lifts can be custom made for patients. A podiatrist or tech will cast your feet with plaster or use a 3-D gait analyzer to create the perfect custom shoe lifts in Dallas TX. You’ll walk back and forth on a 3-D analyzer plate three times. The device calculates the average of all three steps and the podiatrist studies the image, then places an order for lifts with those precise measurements.

At North Dallas Podiatrist and Orthotics, we create custom shoe lifts in Dallas TX to treat all types of foot problems. Whether you need lifts for rehab, lower back pain, gait correction or other medical issues, our trained staff can help. Our custom orthotics reduce or eliminate foot pain from differing leg lengths, injuries or postural imbalance.

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